Thursday, April 12, 2007

Input sought for new chapters

The first nine chapters of this blog-story (which follow below) were written in the months immediately after my departure from the National Park Service some years ago. I resurrected the manuscript from obscurity because the format of a blog seemed like a good place to display it and maybe would re-ignite a passion in me to finish it.

I have received some wonderful input from friends in the agency, both current and former rangers, about the direction of this storyline but am interested in gathering a wider scope of ideas and suggestions from other rangers out there that have read this blog novelette and may have things to contribute. I am particularly interested in the latest acronyms, initiatives and "visioning sessions" that might make this a more realistic and hilarious narrative. "Truth is stranger than fiction" was never more true than as it applies to the bureaucrats in the green and gray.

Thanks in advance.


Fish said...

how don't blog anymore??

Gophergirl said...

I ordered both books last night but just have not gotten to WiFi yet to download them. An anxious to read them, though, having spent a little over 16 years with the Circus.